Self Care Sunday
to 30 Jul.

Self Care Sunday

We have carved out a day of sacred self care in the heart of Winter to help you recalibrate and restore your vital energy.

*  You can expect a full days Yoga program of Pranayama, Meditation,  a morning flow to clear out any stagnation, and a blissful afternoon Restorative Yoga class with Anna Smallwood.

* A workshop on plant medicine by Skye Sherwood from Whispering Violet, that will empower us with self care remedies and rituals that can enhance our daily life.

* A juice and soup winter cleanse to support and nourish us through our day of Sacred Self Care.

What you can expect from the Juice Farm:

The Winter Juice and Soup Cleanse combines cold pressed juices, hand made soup and juice shots to give you a mental and physical boost you need in the depth of winter. Rich in minerals and active enzymes, this nourishing and warming cleanse will satisfy and bring back balance while offering nutritional density.

* Vegan * Dairy free * Gluten free *

Cleanse your body inside and out
Nourish your every cell and rest your digestion
Rehydrate the body

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